10" High Wheel Crib - Set of 2 ( 4 sets in stock )


Wheel Cribs are a safe, lightweight alternative to jack stands. They cradle the tyre 8”,10”, or 12” off the ground (depending on the model), providing unobstructed access underneath the car. Each crib supports 680kg (approximately 1360kg per set) and weighs only approximately 2kg. Using the appropriate Wheel Cribs in conjunction with 56” or 67” Race Ramps allows your car to be level while raised—useful for changing your oil, for example. Wheel Cribs also can be used for car display and are available in custom sizes.*

*You must use Wheel Chocks behind both tyres on the Race Ramps before jacking up your car to place the opposite two tyres on the Wheel Cribs.

15" long x 10" high x 12" wide
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