Front Trailer Mate / Rally Ramp - Set of 2 (Out of Stock)


Trailer-Mates make it much easier to tie your low ground clearance vehicle down to the trailer. When a car is parked on the Mates, an additional 3” of ground clearance is created—giving you more room to reach the vehicle’s tie-down points. They may give you the clearance needed to open the car door and clear the wheel well on the trailer, too. Trailer-Mates are extremely durable and lightweight (weighing approximately 4kg each) won’t slide on (or scratch) the trailer surface. Concave depressions in the front Trailer-Mates help keep the vehicle from rolling during transport, while the rear Trailer-Mates are designed to simply drive over, making placement a snap. These can also be customised to meet your specific needs.

36" long x 3" high x 14" wide (with 10.79° incline)
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